Hoipolloi was established in 1993 by Shôn Dale-Jones and Stefanie Mueller.  Since then we have gone through a number of incarnations. We are now focusing on making work that weaves the personal with the political, aiming to inspire social action in audiences, partnering with charities to present shows, offering a new model for theatre and social justice.

Our mission is to tell funny, poignant, imaginative and thought-provoking stories that encourage us to empathise more with people living different lives from our own

We are living in very challenging times. There are divisions appearing all over society. Now, more than ever, we need to find the common ground – we need to empathise more. Today, theatre has a very real and exciting opportunity to support social change.

Hoipolloi exists to create work that: 

– Stretches the imagination
– Playfully challenges our sense of reality
– Redefines how theatre is made and experienced
– Inspires positive contributions to our society, and
– Raises awareness for causes, supporting those without a voice across the globe.

We deliver our work through dynamic and effective partnerships and creative collaborations. The company maximises the benefits of being a small, independent and flexible charity with clear ambitions and determination to contribute to the betterment of our world.

Our renewed mission includes working alongside charities – making our shows function as fundraisers. We want to talk about ‘the value of art’ and the power of story. It’s about engaging with today’s world at a time when the world needs our urgent attention. It’s about wanting to find a way of immediately and directly engaging with what’s happening in our rapidly changing world.

Hoipolloi want to make work that is immediately relevant, so the company needs to be flexible enough to respond to current events and agile enough to make work in various medium. Our work reaches out beyond the stage in a very real way, and engages audiences directly through a mixture of live performance and online digital content. It’s about telling joyful stories, which entertain and connect with audiences emotionally, whilst playfully challenging their sense of reality. We have made over twenty live theatre and comedy shows as well as making work on radio, on screen and online.

The company has worked with various partners, including the National Theatre Wales; National Theatre Studios; Barbican; Royal Court; Pleasance; Carriageworks, Sydney; Cambridge Film Festival; Arts Council England, The British Council and the BBC.

Since 2005, Hoipolloi has been producing the work of emerging Welsh artist Hugh Hughes. He has his own website www.hughhughes.me which is packed with lots of Hugh-related content for his audiences to enjoy.


To discover more about us, please browse around our website or read through our blog, which acts as an informal archive of our activities since 2008.


Our phenomenal ME & ROBIN HOOD audiences have raised over £24,300 to date for Street Child United!

A massive, massive thank you, to you all! 


343Head DukeOur generous audiences have raised over £51,600 to support child refugees through Save the Children's since The Duke premiered. We're so grateful to you all!

On top of that audiences of THE LADDER, which begun touring this autumn, have also raised over £550 for World Wildlife Fund's Amazon Emergency.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, you are all awesome!