Below are some of the more frequent questions people have about Hoipolloi. If there’s anything else you’d like to ask, please get in touch using the Contact Us page.

How can I book a Hoipolloi show?

At the moment Hugh is working on some new pieces, but his earlier shows (Floating, Story of a Rabbit and 360) can still be booked. The shows are usually booked at least six months in advance, and there are performances in the UK, Norway and Australia currently being prepared for autumn 2011.

To find out more about Hugh and his shows, visit his website at If you would like one or more of these shows to be performed at your venue or festival, please talk to Bianca Winter, at

How can I support Hoipolloi and their work?

Our work is dynamic, multi-platform and award-winning, seeking to engage audiences in a variety of ways. Our latest project bridges the gap between digital and live performance, and promises a potentially global audience alongside our usual live theatre experience. If that sounds like something you or your company would be interested in supporting, then please speak to Bianca Winter, at

Would Hoipolloi produce my script, or read it for me?

We aren’t able to accept unsolicited scripts, so please don’t send them to us. Our work is largely devised through improvisation, and scripts are the end result of that process rather than the words we start out with.

If you’re based in the east of England, we’d suggest you try the following organisations instead: Menagerie Theatre, WriteOn or Writers’ Centre, Norwich.

What’s the process behind making a Hoipolloi theatre show?

We are continually working on the way we create theatre together as a company – so the writing, directing, designing, performing and the music are all simultaneously influencing the creation of a show as it evolves.

Unlike many companies, where the writer’s script is often the starting point for creating a theatre show, a Hoipolloi script is likely to be the final part of the jigsaw in the rehearsal process. And even when a show has gone into performance, it is likely to evolve and develop as we begin to fully understand an audience’s reaction to the piece.

We develop these shows initially as part of Hoipolloi’s LAB program, which might eventually lead to a full show.

Can Hoipolloi help me with some research or mentoring?

Sometimes our fellow theatre practitioners ask Hoipolloi for mentoring help, and we’re happy to share our knowledge and experience so long as it doesn’t clash with our other commitments.

At other times, students have asked us for help in researching essays or case studies. Again, we’re happy to help in these situations. Before contacting us, you might like to have a good rummage around our blog, which is an informal archive of Hoipolloi activity since 2008.

If you want to talk to us about either of these things, contact us, telling us who you are and the sort of thing you want to know about.

Is Hugh Hughes real?

Since the creation of Floating, we have always presented Hugh as a real person and worked hard to build an elaborate fictional world for him to exist within, both on and off stage.

Hugh is of course a comic character created and performed by Shôn Dale-Jones. The work twists Shôn’s real, autobiographical stories with the invented world of Hugh. The stories contain an emotional truth that audiences enjoy engaging with, and we have found them more than willing to play along. Some work it all out almost immediately, others not at all. The more people listen to Hugh, the less it seems to matter.


Our phenomenal ME & ROBIN HOOD audiences have raised over £24,300 to date for Street Child United!

A massive, massive thank you, to you all! 


343Head DukeOur generous audiences have raised over £51,600 to support child refugees through Save the Children's since The Duke premiered. We're so grateful to you all!

On top of that audiences of THE LADDER, which begun touring this autumn, have also raised over £550 for World Wildlife Fund's Amazon Emergency.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, you are all awesome!