I’m excited to announce that you can book tickets for my newest show, Me and Robin Hood via our website here.

We all have one life that is real, but we also all have more than one life which is fantasy.

As the gap between the rich and the poor widens surely it’s time for Robin Hood to reappear. 

I first met Robin as a seven-year-old boy in November, 1975. Since then he has been my best-ever fictional friend. Lately, as we begin to see the dangerous effects of living in a world that separates the wealthy from those living in poverty, I have spoken to him more often. In fact, I have begun to feel the force of fantasy push me towards him, to do something wrong in order to do something right and dare to upset the status quo.

I hope that, while the world faces a serious challenge to humankind’s ability to share, you will want to join me. I’m performing at Sally Ann’s, The Geldart and Hot Numbers in December in Cambridge and you can find the performance info here. Bring a mince pie.


Join Me and Robin Hood in Cambridge



Our phenomenal ME & ROBIN HOOD audiences have raised over £20,000 for Street Child United this year! A massive thank you, to you all! And the good news is, we're back this spring, hoping to raise more money towards the 2018 Street Child United World Cup.


343Head DukeOur generous audiences have raised £46,249 towards Save the Children's Child Refugee Appeals since The Duke  premiered in 2016. We're so grateful to you all and hope to continue to increase this phenomenal amount throughout 2018.